– Untitled –

Inspired by Light My Fire by The Doors and Paranoid by Black Sabbath!

I’ve tried to divert my mind

to something else

but for this uneasiness

nothing seems to help

I’ve tried this and I’ve tried that

but my soul gets no rest

every-time I try to sleep

as usual I can’t get any

this is eating me away


nothing seems to help

I’ve tried this and I’ve tried that

but for this uneasiness

my soul gets no rest

I’ve tried to divert my mind

and every-time I try to sleep

this uneasiness gets the best of me

this is eating me away

is there no remedy?

It’s eating me



All Tonight!

Inspired by Break on Through (to the Other Side) by The Doors!

This is the end of the world
This all ends tonight
This is the end of the world
Mountains are gonna fly high
You wish you were dead
Than witness this doomsday
Women & children are crying
The last prayers are being said
The lovers are loving in bed
This is all we have feared
Don’t stop to pick your children
Fuck everything and run
Look at me one last time
And let me look at you
Because in a few moments
We will all be paying our dues
This was our biggest fear
To live to see it die
Don’t turn, look at me
Now I say to you “goodbye”


There Was This Man Once
Who Was Never Given Any Chance
In Anything
No-One Really Looked At Him
No-One Really Cared
He Couldn’t Get Any Sleep
And He Was Getting Scared

When He Used To Wake Up
He Used To Realize
There’s No-One To Say Hello
Just No-One To Say Hi

He Never Reached Out
No-One Reached In
He Was Like A Ghost
Who No-One Paid Any Attention

Bad Luck Followed Him Everywhere
Whenever He Would See A Hearse
He Would Wish That It Were Him
So He Would Be Free From This World

He Didn’t Care What They Said
He Just Hung His Head
While Waiting At The Subway
While Waiting For A Train

He Was A Man Stuck
Between Two Lifes
Sometimes He Would Sigh
Sometimes He Would Cry

Happiness Was Unreal
Love Was Just Fantasy
Nothing Seemed To Excite Him
Nothing Bought Him To Reality

In His Thoughts
He Was Big & Strong
He Could Do Anything
Slowly, He Drifted To Insanity

People Would Stop & Stare
Wondering If He Is All Right
Doing Strange Stuff Without Any Care
But He Is In Fantasy, Not Here




Wish You Were Here!

Got the title from the song of the same name by Pink Floyd!

Wish You Were Here (x3)
With Me

But You Have Gone To Foreverland
And I’m Stuck Here A-Lonely Man
Walking The Streets All Alone
The Ones You Used To Walked On
All My Memories Lead Back To You
The Things We Did Back In The Days Of June

Buts Its Funny How You Used To Make Each Day Last
While Your Memories Make My Life Fade Fast
We Will Reunite Once More
Will Meet You At A-Heavens Door
Remember That ‘Thank You’ Note?
That Valentines Cards And My Name You Wrote?
Even Though You Gave Me Those 4 Years Ago
I Still Have It, Still Brand New

You Still Live, Even Though You Have Gone
So, Please Forgive All The Things I Did Wrong
To You

You Were The Light In The Dark
You Were My Only Guard
The Way I Feel Now
Is Beyond Words (Stretch It Out)
The Pressure Is Building
My Minds Slipping
Things Mean Nothing No-More
When Your Not Here So,
I Think Back The Good Times
The……Best Time Of Our Lifes

You Still Live, Even Though You Have Gone
So, Please Forgive All The Things I Did Wrong
To You

Why Love?

I Wanna Ask A Question
Why Do You Love?
What Is This Emotion
That’s Spreading Across The World?

Why This Hugs & Kisses?
And What’s With All This Teddy Bears?
What If The Arrow Misses?
Then There Surely Will Be Tears

Why Love & Be My Valentine?
Why Love & Sacrifice?
One Day This Love Will Die
One Day You Will Cry

Why These Hearts & Roses?
Why These Cards & Poems?
And Why Do You Ask?
For The Moon & Stars?

What’s The Point In This Love?
Where Do You Think It Will Go?
It’s Not Gonna Take A Turn
Because It’s Goin’ Too Slow

Why Love & Be My Valentine?
Why Love & Sacrifice?
One Day This Love Will Die
One Day You Will Cry

No More Love
Leave Me Alone
No More Love
Leave Me Alone!




The Ripper!

Inspired by the real life murders of Jack the Ripper and Riders on the Storm by The Doors!

There’s a killer that roams at night
Shut your doors real tight
And when the Devil’s in sight
Drop everything and hide
You better be quick on your toes
For the Devil has no remorse
There’s a killer on the streets
And he kills in dark alleys

Don’t look him in the eye
Don’t accept what he gives
For he will take you to a dark alley
Or take you to a room
And then kill you with his tools
Nomadder how hard you cry
How loud you shout
There’s no-one for miles around
He can’t be reasoned with
For he is a killer
He can’t be bargained with
For he is The Ripper

There’s a murder on the streets
She was 43
He quick produced his knife
And he slit her left to right
A murder on the streets

The Condemned Children!

Inspired by Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden!

Living In A Lair
Full Of Despair
Dont Know What To Do
Until He Comes For You
And When He Comes
You Be Ready
Cuz When He Comes
The Ressurrection Will Be Bloody

Twisting, Bending, Melting
Transforming, Forming
One Chance At Redemption
Forgiveness, Forgetness

Limited Days, Limited Lives
Think Fast, Think Right
Finish The Race, Or You Will Die
Every Part Of You Has Bled
But Yet The Pain Has Still To Be Felt
And When That Comes
Your Whole Body Will Start To Wilt
And When That Happens
Be Ready
Cuz The Ending Will Be Bloody

Those Who Succeed Will Shining
And Those Who Fail, Will Be Crying
Remember Hell, Remember It Well
You Dont Wanna End There Again
So, Gain Right And Achieve Heaven