The Ripper!

Inspired by the real life murders of Jack the Ripper and Riders on the Storm by The Doors!

There’s a killer that roams at night
Shut your doors real tight
And when the Devil’s in sight
Drop everything and hide
You better be quick on your toes
For the Devil has no remorse
There’s a killer on the streets
And he kills in dark alleys

Don’t look him in the eye
Don’t accept what he gives
For he will take you to a dark alley
Or take you to a room
And then kill you with his tools
Nomadder how hard you cry
How loud you shout
There’s no-one for miles around
He can’t be reasoned with
For he is a killer
He can’t be bargained with
For he is The Ripper

There’s a murder on the streets
She was 43
He quick produced his knife
And he slit her left to right
A murder on the streets


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