The Condemned Children!

Inspired by Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden!

Living In A Lair
Full Of Despair
Dont Know What To Do
Until He Comes For You
And When He Comes
You Be Ready
Cuz When He Comes
The Ressurrection Will Be Bloody

Twisting, Bending, Melting
Transforming, Forming
One Chance At Redemption
Forgiveness, Forgetness

Limited Days, Limited Lives
Think Fast, Think Right
Finish The Race, Or You Will Die
Every Part Of You Has Bled
But Yet The Pain Has Still To Be Felt
And When That Comes
Your Whole Body Will Start To Wilt
And When That Happens
Be Ready
Cuz The Ending Will Be Bloody

Those Who Succeed Will Shining
And Those Who Fail, Will Be Crying
Remember Hell, Remember It Well
You Dont Wanna End There Again
So, Gain Right And Achieve Heaven


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