Daily Prompt: Through the Window

There are 3 windows in my room. The one I like best is the one direct in front of my computer. Why? Because it gives view to a building. A building that is nondescript in the fullest sense. From where I’m sitting, I can only see two windows of that building. There are cracks on the wall, misspelled graffiti, and other ugly ingredients which blotch things they find pretty. It must have been a magnificent building back in the day but now it gives off a feeling of a haunted house, despite the fact that a family lives there. You can see the light through the thick curtains – blue in both – and sometimes the view of a room through a crack, but it still gives off an atmosphere of a vacant building.

But despite all that, I always find myself staring at it for hours. Why should a dirty wall be of any interest to me? Why should the ever-dark, seldom-alive windows capture my fullest attention for hours and hours? Whenever I look at the building, I feel like a part of my soul escapes from me and latches itself on to the building, creating an invisible bond between us. Mind you, this is not a crazy man talking. I’m sure many people feel like this. If  no-one does, then there’s something very weird going on!


My Elder Sister!

A poem dedicated to my elder sister – Sarah Ansari – A gift from me on her 23rd Birthday which happened on the 15th.

You’re the sister people wish they had
You not only direct me from the straying path
But advice me straight from A to Z
You understand my words better than most
And are able to point out where I erred
Since you have already walked down the road
Which I’m currently walking on
You have knowledge of things to which I currently do not
Therefore I do not hesitate when I take a turn
Because I know my elder sister will be waiting for me
And from you more I hope to learn!

You were there but you were not!

Inspired by Shadowplay by Joy Division!

Behind every door

Behind every window

Behind every face

Behind every name

You were there but you were not

The light in the fire

The shape in the sky

All the pages in a book

All the truth behind the lies

You were there but you were not

All the shadows whisper

All the echos scream

All the writings on the wall

They all say the same thing

You were there but you were not