Yea, this is who I am and who I will be…

My name is Hamza Ansari and I was born in Lahore, Pakistan but we moved to Muscat, Oman after a few months i was born and have been living here ever since! A great place & we go to Pakistan almost every year for like 1 month or so!

All right, let’s go through what I do / used to do / wanna do in chapters. Shall we get started?

First things first, I’m not your average out-going sorta guy. I stay reserved and is very shy and not too shy to admit it (Oh, the irony)! Anyways, I used to play sports like Basketball, Billiards and Cricket but I lost interest in BB and Cricket. In the athletic sports, I am very good in high jump (my height is 5″11) but I only got to participate in that event only twice. The first time I came in 3rd while in the second time i came in 1st, beating kids 3 years elder than me (round of applause)! I even got a X-Box 360 for that! I also like the Air Of Mystery better than being the person who just loves to hear other people talk about them because having a mysterious aura around you is like… Mysterious! Who the HELL is that guy? It also arouses suspicion but we don’t go that far either…

If there is any highlight in my skills, it has to be my drawings which you can view over here Hamza’s Drawings! I started drawing ever since i picked up a pencil. Well, back in the day it was only circles and stick figures but hey! that’s how a man learns! Anyways, I’m even thinking of being a comic book artist after seeing Erik Larsen, Frank Miller and of course, Stan Lee!

I started listening to songs when i was like 7 years old and ever since it has been progressing. What started out as a craze for Rap/Hip-Hop has graduated to Heavy Metal has settled to Blues. Oh, i love the Blues! I can totally relate to it because I’m that sort of a person, you know, being depressed most of the times and thinking about the things they sing in their songs. Heartbreaks and stuff. But i do occasionally hear some other music like Latin, Country, Reggae & Urdu songs!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!
I love movies! I still remember watching my very first film ever: Titanic, just few days after when it came out! It also has a record of being the most requested movie right here in Muscat! Over the years my tastes have changed a-lot. I remember watching only action flicks (whether they made sense or not) with lots-a shooting in it. Then i changed it to Drama films to which i relate & respect a-lot. I mean, i always found that particular genre very realistic. I like everything Drama: War-Drama, Suspense-Drama, Horror-Drama, Courtroom-Drama etc… Except Comedy-Drama which is a total shame on movies! Then i moved towards Horror and it has totally changed my life ever since. What started out as mild suspense movies has ascended (or descended?) to splatter movies. You know, with full-frontal body-horror and blood flying over the screen types. Sick, yes but that’s what i also like in movies. So in overall i would like to say that i like 70% Drama, 20% Horror and the rest is Gangster, High-School, Comedy, War, Biographies etc…

I made my first list after when I mailed a certain Sven Salmonsson, who happens to have his own page right here, he asked me to make a list on Top 10 Greatest Guitar Solos and/or Top 10 Car Chases in Movie… well, I did make those lists but, instead of sending them over (truth be told, I’d accidentally deleted his mails, therefore forgot his E-Mail address), I saved them in my Word and tried to find a very good website to publish them online. After 10 strikes and 100+ forehead smacking later, I found, the ultimate site for fellow list-makers out there. You can find me by my username “Happy Vader” and check out my lists. Signing in is absolutely free and you will find fellow music, games, movies, TV shows and whatnot lovers out there just waiting for you to join in (OK, cheesy but still…)

You can also catch me at:

Listal: Happy Vader
Facebook: Hacksaw Hamza
Sawfreaks: Dark Vader
YouTube: Da666manisbak
Cheatplanet: TheShadowOfZeus