Scott Pilgrim vs. the World review!

Directed by: Edgar Wright

Stars out of 10: 7.0

Edgar Wright is a pretty good director and Michael Cera is a pretty good actor and this is pretty good film!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This, I won’t lie, was one of the very few films I’d promised myself I would never watch (reasons not telling) but I broke it by reading a few reviews. Remember kids: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and never, EVER judge a movie by it’s review. I’m not saying it was a disappointment, although it does kinda tread somewhere around that line, but it wasn’t exactly a great movie either. I guess I never really did like much of Edgar Wright’s works (bar Hot Fuzz, which definitely was funny)… Scott Pilgrim is one of the more recent movies which is based on a graphic novel / comic I’ve never read, so my views may be a little different. It was quite innovative, I’m giving it that, but also it was quite shallow and dull in places, especially the parts concerning Scott’s first outing with Ramona, the whole scene concerning Todd Ingram (although the Battle of the Bass was quite good) and especially the part concerning Lucas Lee which was just a pretty good moment and Chris Evans gave a pretty good performance. Other than that, the cinematography was unique (reminded me a little of Fight Club) and the whole comic-book outlook was also good but the characters were not well-defined, at least to me. The only great performance was by Kieren Culkin as Wallace Wells and somewhat decent by Michael Cera as the titular character… I guess I’m not too much exposed to him to call him a good actor so I will just leave at that.

Anyhow, I saw Kick-Ass yesterday, a film almost on the same vein, and I have to say I liked that one better although I really enjoyed the cinematography on this one. My final verdict: A film solely for comic book fans and/or fans of Michael Sera but as for others, they may find it dull in places!


Tarzan review!

Directed by: Kevin Lima / Chris Buck

Stars out of 10: 9.5

the so-called Disney Renaissance could not have ended a more better way. Disney: We bid you farewell!

I declare that Tarzan is the last greatest cartoon ever made, Disney or not. And by that I mean the one that can be considered in the same ship as Dumbo, Cinderella, Snow White, Bambi and all the others that preceded it. Seriously, I mean it! This alone signalled the end of the Disney Renaissance and ultimately, the end of great cartoons. Sure, we had Monsters, Inc., Toy Story 3 and all but, I will argue, they were not as beautiful as this one and not just by animation, but the level of emotion and value not seen in any other cartoon before or since. This is beauty at it’s most extreme and this is also one of the few which I enjoy each and every voice-over + every song (something that was last achieved in 1967 with The Jungle Book)

Every little thing is so alive and fresh and I’ve always enjoyed Minnie Driver’s unique voice and her V.O. as Jane Porter is arguably one of the finest. I just can’t imagine Jane with any other voice and as for Lance Henriksen; the dude is a legend and his V.O. was just brilliant. Also, on further note, I think Clayton was and is the last greatest, most realistic villain ever. Period. The only one that comes *this* close is Lotso from Toy Story 3 in terms of great but in terms of realistic, no-one else. Also, his death is probably the most horrifying death Disney has ever done and kudos on that one!

All in all, Tarzan is strictly for Disney fans and also fans of Phil Collins, as his songs fuel up the cartoon brilliantly. I just love this cartoon and I’m kinda disappointed that we’re getting such boring ones nowadays (seriously, Meet the Robinsons, Barnyard and not to mention Chicken Little)

RoboCop review!

Directed by: Paul Verhoeven

Stars out of 10: 8.9

RoboCop, in the simplest of terms, ROCKS!

RoboCop is one of the seminal movie of the 80’s. Following the wake of The Terminator, this Paul Verhoeven directed movie mixes the very two things the former did: Permy hairstyles and extreme anesthetization of violence that would fulfill even the most wildest, wettest dreams of Tarantino. RoboCop has deeper themes in it than any other action movie released around it’s time. This film is filled with realistic corruption, how the rich looks upon his underlings and the race to become the best and better than anyone.

We follow in the footsteps, or robot-steps, of the deep voiced Peter Weller as the titular character as he struggles along to fight justice and at the same time, know more about himself when he was known as Murphy. Mr. Weller draws such a distinct line between man & machine that it’s totally incomparable to other ‘machine’ movies, especially The Terminator and well, others! In the supporting we have Ronny Cox (Duelling Banjos, anyone?) playing a very memorable villain. The performances by everyone was fine but it really was Ronny Cox who stole the show. Granted that this is the only good installment and the sequels were not worth it, especially the 3rd part.

So, if you’re a fan of Paul Verhoeven (seriously, The Hollow Man and Total Recall were good), you will enjoy but more than that, you will enjoy the powerness and it may appear quite heartbreaking to you, especially the ending!