There Was This Man Once
Who Was Never Given Any Chance
In Anything
No-One Really Looked At Him
No-One Really Cared
He Couldn’t Get Any Sleep
And He Was Getting Scared

When He Used To Wake Up
He Used To Realize
There’s No-One To Say Hello
Just No-One To Say Hi

He Never Reached Out
No-One Reached In
He Was Like A Ghost
Who No-One Paid Any Attention

Bad Luck Followed Him Everywhere
Whenever He Would See A Hearse
He Would Wish That It Were Him
So He Would Be Free From This World

He Didn’t Care What They Said
He Just Hung His Head
While Waiting At The Subway
While Waiting For A Train

He Was A Man Stuck
Between Two Lifes
Sometimes He Would Sigh
Sometimes He Would Cry

Happiness Was Unreal
Love Was Just Fantasy
Nothing Seemed To Excite Him
Nothing Bought Him To Reality

In His Thoughts
He Was Big & Strong
He Could Do Anything
Slowly, He Drifted To Insanity

People Would Stop & Stare
Wondering If He Is All Right
Doing Strange Stuff Without Any Care
But He Is In Fantasy, Not Here





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