Camera & Me – Day 5

Sorry for the incredibly late post. We went to the Nakhal Fort and woah, it’s Picasso’s fantasy. It’s a brilliant place and has a-lot of staircases, beautiful views and a rich history. Then we went to the nearby Wadi, which is Arabic for Valley.Beautiful places both and I got to use my Macro feature but for some reason my camera kinda acted up but I did manage to get a few shots.

Enjoy and please, do let me know…


Camera & Me – Day 4

Well, Day 4 was depressing. It was one of those days that immediately depresses you and makes you think nothing in your life can go right now and whatever is it you’re doing you should stop it.

But it wasn’t that bad, managed to take 2 or 3 amazing shots. You see it was very hot and within 30 minutes my shirt was soaked. I only walked around for 40-45 minutes and asked my dad to pick me up who was in the vicinity. Anyway, enjoy!

Camera & Me – Day 3

Day 1 & Day 2 were all about the immediate vicinity. Day 3, however, is where I officially stepped out to the real world. That’s right and you know what I found out? People mistook me for a tourist, a foreigner even. I have a pale skin and when I shave, my facial hair of course, I do look like a foreigner but I don’t like being called that. Anyway, the flowers and grassy sidewalks were very inviting but the people were not. They became so rigid and so cold and remember what I told about the glares? They were full of them but that’s the real world to you…

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and now’s your chance to see the quite-famous tunnel of Oman. Thank you!

Camera & Me – Day 2

Day 2, as opposed to Day 1, was quite dangerous: I wandered into the enemy territory. Ever played GTA San Andreas?  Like that minus the guns and gangs. Instead of calling the cops or cursing, they start giving you a nasty stare and keep staring until you start questioning yourself. *sigh* I also stumbled upon a place that resembled a gallows. Instead of bodies, pipes were hung and the wind gave exactly that atmosphere. Well, like the line goes: Welcome to the terrortory!

Anyway, I had fun and, just like yesterday, I ended up taking 130 pictures. I changed my camera settings and set it to HD and woah! They’re so sharp!! Enjoy!

Camera & Me – Day 1

Of all the titles I could’ve come up with, I went with this one? Anyway, Day 1 is complete and, if conditions are good, then Day 2 will start in just a few hot hours. Hot is right, because in Oman, it’s always hot… well, we do get the occasional rain but other than that, it’s hot 24/7. But mind you, it’s not that hot that your mouth goes parch every few seconds and you melt from your sweat and everything that you seem to touch is blazing. It’s more of a nice sort of a hot.  Something that you will get adjusted to and will start to like it after a few minutes when you get used to it. Anyway, enough chit-chat:

Day 1 wasn’t memorable apart from the fact that almost everyone who passed smiled at me, a father with his two kids agreed to let me take his picture and one guy actually thought I work for a magazine. I’m half-way there already. I’m giving you my Facebook link and should any problems occur, let me know and enjoy!