Happy Birthday, Mom!

A true, and funny, poem dedicated to my mom, who recently turned 47!

A mother cannot be explained

But she can be described

A mother is a full round perfect specimen

Only thought lower by our ever-faltering minds

A mother’s love is immeasurable

If it can, then it undoubtedly stops somewhere

And we all know a mother’s love is limitless;

The love from my mother comes in all shapes and sizes

From big, triangular sandwiches to small, circular pancakes

My mother is proof that, yes, they

Do have the ability to to turn nightmares to dreams

When I’m sick or depressed

She’s the first to know

The invisible ribbon which grips us both

– Her greatest spy and my reluctant ally –

Is the vessel through which I silently call her at times of need

And even though she sometimes acts the same

Like that character voiced by Ellen McLain

But come hell or high-water

I will always and forever love my mother!

Happy 47th!


Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow!

It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

Today is V-Day. Something I still haven’t found the logic behind to. I guess it’s just me. Anyway, today V-Day, tomorrow B-Day. That’s right, it’s my father’s 57th birthday tomorrow, and here’s a poem I wrote for him. Enjoy!

A personality of impressive value

A man with resolute virtues

A man with a walk that brings shame

To the walk of John Wayne

A man in all senses rational

Logical, humble and intelligent

Words that are rich; voice that’s resonant

The man’s capable of putting a halt to any argument

The man’s eyes are full of love

Calmer than a sea; peaceful than a dove

The man’s smile is full and wide

But the man’s biggest pride

Is his impressive beard

A beard money can’t buy

It boasts experience and a character of high

A true gentleman today

A true gentleman tomorrow

May his mighty soul never falter

I’m proud to have this affable man as my father!

Happy 57th, dad!

My Elder Sister!

A poem dedicated to my elder sister – Sarah Ansari – A gift from me on her 23rd Birthday which happened on the 15th.

You’re the sister people wish they had
You not only direct me from the straying path
But advice me straight from A to Z
You understand my words better than most
And are able to point out where I erred
Since you have already walked down the road
Which I’m currently walking on
You have knowledge of things to which I currently do not
Therefore I do not hesitate when I take a turn
Because I know my elder sister will be waiting for me
And from you more I hope to learn!

You were there but you were not!

Inspired by Shadowplay by Joy Division!

Behind every door

Behind every window

Behind every face

Behind every name

You were there but you were not

The light in the fire

The shape in the sky

All the pages in a book

All the truth behind the lies

You were there but you were not

All the shadows whisper

All the echos scream

All the writings on the wall

They all say the same thing

You were there but you were not

If I were to say to you

This poem is written from a dying person’s POV. It can also be connected to the Dec. 21st scare we all had for a-while.

If I were to say to you

That there would be no tomorrow for me

Would you listen to every word I say

Show me the world like I’ve never seen and never let go of my hand

If I were to say to you

That my love for you will never die

Would you say the same to me

Shine a little light on my suffering

If I were to say to you

I apologize for all the times I made you cry

But I’ll remember all the times you smiled

I will never be with you again but you will always be in my memory

(WIP – still need to add more lines)

He Sits By My Side

A poem written from a naive 7 yr. old child’s perspective. A personification of Death makes itself visible to the little boy and the boy be-friends him, thinking he is an Angel.

I’m friends with an Angel, you know

He is big, long and wears a black cloak

He is not exactly like the one in pictures

But then again, this is reality and that is fictional

He walks with me side by side

No-one can see him but only I

When it starts raining, he protects me

From the rain, but always seems to leave

My head wet when he blows me dry

And when I fall sick, I really don’t know why

My Angel, who always sits by my side, has a glint in his eye

And everytime when I get better, that glint goes

He gets sad but still, wherever I go he follows

Sometimes I try to talk to him but all he does is grunt

And boy, sometimes he can be so careless and so blunt

Like when I was crossing the road yesterday

A huge truck was coming my way

It was coming fast and I got scared but,

My Angel jumped in-between me and the truck

He pushed me to the side by his hand

And into a wall I crashed

And because I broke my leg

I’m lying here in my bed

My Angel is sitting by my side

But what I don’t understand is why

Does he have a glint in his eye?

Another Poem – you decide!

My heart, from afar, seems perfect

but a closer observation shows it has been

broken, torn, trod on and left alone to rot

It beats, but it has no purpose now

It used to sing, but has lost its voice

It had a smile, but can’t stretch it anymore

because it has been

broken, torn, trod on and left alone to rot

It beats, only because it is its job

It beats, but its rhythm has no meaning now

It just beats