Scott Pilgrim vs. the World review!

Directed by: Edgar Wright

Stars out of 10: 7.0

Edgar Wright is a pretty good director and Michael Cera is a pretty good actor and this is pretty good film!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This, I won’t lie, was one of the very few films I’d promised myself I would never watch (reasons not telling) but I broke it by reading a few reviews. Remember kids: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and never, EVER judge a movie by it’s review. I’m not saying it was a disappointment, although it does kinda tread somewhere around that line, but it wasn’t exactly a great movie either. I guess I never really did like much of Edgar Wright’s works (bar Hot Fuzz, which definitely was funny)… Scott Pilgrim is one of the more recent movies which is based on a graphic novel / comic I’ve never read, so my views may be a little different. It was quite innovative, I’m giving it that, but also it was quite shallow and dull in places, especially the parts concerning Scott’s first outing with Ramona, the whole scene concerning Todd Ingram (although the Battle of the Bass was quite good) and especially the part concerning Lucas Lee which was just a pretty good moment and Chris Evans gave a pretty good performance. Other than that, the cinematography was unique (reminded me a little of Fight Club) and the whole comic-book outlook was also good but the characters were not well-defined, at least to me. The only great performance was by Kieren Culkin as Wallace Wells and somewhat decent by Michael Cera as the titular character… I guess I’m not too much exposed to him to call him a good actor so I will just leave at that.

Anyhow, I saw Kick-Ass yesterday, a film almost on the same vein, and I have to say I liked that one better although I really enjoyed the cinematography on this one. My final verdict: A film solely for comic book fans and/or fans of Michael Sera but as for others, they may find it dull in places!


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