RoboCop review!

Directed by: Paul Verhoeven

Stars out of 10: 8.9

RoboCop, in the simplest of terms, ROCKS!

RoboCop is one of the seminal movie of the 80’s. Following the wake of The Terminator, this Paul Verhoeven directed movie mixes the very two things the former did: Permy hairstyles and extreme anesthetization of violence that would fulfill even the most wildest, wettest dreams of Tarantino. RoboCop has deeper themes in it than any other action movie released around it’s time. This film is filled with realistic corruption, how the rich looks upon his underlings and the race to become the best and better than anyone.

We follow in the footsteps, or robot-steps, of the deep voiced Peter Weller as the titular character as he struggles along to fight justice and at the same time, know more about himself when he was known as Murphy. Mr. Weller draws such a distinct line between man & machine that it’s totally incomparable to other ‘machine’ movies, especially The Terminator and well, others! In the supporting we have Ronny Cox (Duelling Banjos, anyone?) playing a very memorable villain. The performances by everyone was fine but it really was Ronny Cox who stole the show. Granted that this is the only good installment and the sequels were not worth it, especially the 3rd part.

So, if you’re a fan of Paul Verhoeven (seriously, The Hollow Man and Total Recall were good), you will enjoy but more than that, you will enjoy the powerness and it may appear quite heartbreaking to you, especially the ending!


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