Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

This time I will be uploading two entries. This is the first time. Let’s see if I fall into this pattern!



Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in the Life

I’m not an adventurous person by trade. I like to stay home. I don’t like the outdoors. Not that I hate it, it’s just not for me. Only occasionally do I go out, and that too for 1-or-2 things, like for my karate class or to my dentist. Other than that, I’m indoors around the clock. A day in my life is just like any other. I wake up and immediately retreat to this spot where I then proceed to do my drawings (you like them?) while listening to songs and/or a film and/or a YouTube video.


Yea, I accidentally spilled banana milk-shake on my laptop and thus the keyboard and the mouse are not working, so I have to use external ones. I’m not complaining, though. I never did like the keyboard mouse and its limited freedom.

After when I’ve filled up my quota, I usually then pick up the book I’m currently reading – which in this case happens to be Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I’m also reading a PDF version of Masters of Doom by David Kushner. This is my 3rd time.


Usually, while reading a book or drawing, I make myself tea. I’ve been a tea addict since the age of 15 – a habit I picked up from my mother.


The brands you see are local brands, and you may or may not have heard of them. Note: finished content is actually more delicious in real life than pictured!


Yea, this basically is it. After this I do my exam papers, eat and then go to sleep. The next day the entire routine plays out once again with little to no variations.

Daily Post: Menagerie

Our Orange/Ginger Persian cat is aptly named Gola (Urdu for round/fatbecause she is. Although my sisters insist on calling her Maple, the rest of the family sticks to Gola, me included.

Over the years we’ve had many cats but none so energetic and loving as this one. We currently have two, the other is a pure white Persian who is the most laziest thing ever. Gather the most laziest cats in the world and they still would be lively in front of our cat, named Ringo after the former Beatle. 

Anyway, Gola is very much interested in whatever I do. Whenever I sit down to draw, she jumps on my lap and fixes her yellow eyes on my pencil, waiting for it to be set down so that she can pounce on it. Although neither of the cats mean anything special to me, they do indeed make me laugh by their on/off relationship towards each other and by their obsession with anything that swings!

I don’t have a picture of them currently – as I don’t wish to go through the tiresome process of transferring the pictures to the computer – I do have a video of Gola. Skip to 1:57! Enjoy!