Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes




Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

This time I will be uploading two entries. This is the first time. Let’s see if I fall into this pattern!


Daily Prompt: Through the Window

There are 3 windows in my room. The one I like best is the one direct in front of my computer. Why? Because it gives view to a building. A building that is nondescript in the fullest sense. From where I’m sitting, I can only see two windows of that building. There are cracks on the wall, misspelled graffiti, and other ugly ingredients which blotch things they find pretty. It must have been a magnificent building back in the day but now it gives off a feeling of a haunted house, despite the fact that a family lives there. You can see the light through the thick curtains – blue in both – and sometimes the view of a room through a crack, but it still gives off an atmosphere of a vacant building.

But despite all that, I always find myself staring at it for hours. Why should a dirty wall be of any interest to me? Why should the ever-dark, seldom-alive windows capture my fullest attention for hours and hours? Whenever I look at the building, I feel like a part of my soul escapes from me and latches itself on to the building, creating an invisible bond between us. Mind you, this is not a crazy man talking. I’m sure many people feel like this. If  no-one does, then there’s something very weird going on!