The Room!

The story goes that a burglar decides to rob the rich-filled, but abandoned and broken-down, Cattum’s Manor. Once he goes in, he sees blinding light coming from the top floor. He decides to investigate and finds the source. An empty room bathed in light so blinding and so powerful that the burglar is unable to see for a few minutes. After when his eyes get accustomed to it, he sees a hundred spirits all around the room. They claim they once lived here and after getting knowledge of the burglar’s intent, they make him their prisoner. Day and night they whisper all of their life story to their victim. His pleas go unnoticed and his prayers fall on deaf ears. Every-time the man ages and is on the verge of death, the spirits put him to sleep and awake him as a new man and continue torturing him. Hundreds of years go by and it seems he is stuck there for eternity.

I’ve borrowed certain elements from the Greek mythology like, the door is always open but whenever he goes out of the room, he is somehow transported back whenever he opens the main door, or any door, or any window. That alludes to the Sisyphus torture. His aging and waking up as a new man and re-living the horrible torture alludes to the punishment of Prometheus. The main DNA is gotten from Home By the Sea by Genesis.  

The Man Awakes:

The man opened his eyes. Quickly he got from the floor to sitting position. He looked at his hands and felt his face; He was a young man again. All the wrinkles had gone. Without wasting another second the man got up, reached for the ridiculously low ceiling and with his nail of the index finger, carved a straight line. He saw there were four straight lines. He sighed and carved a diagonal line over them, finishing another set of five. He then wiped his face and laid back on the ground. He noticed there were six sets of five in total. That means he had been driven to old age – wrinkled, crippled and blind – and possibly insane, and then resurrected a new man a total of thirty times. He tried to conjure up a thought but to no avail. His thinking filters had long stopped, as had his prayers, hopes, dreams and pleas – although one of his pleas was fulfilled. That he gets to keep a record of the times he was resurrected. Everytime he woke up – wrinkle-free, no longer blind and able to walk – he would carve a line on the ceiling. Every line was separated by decades, some even longer.

Finally he got up, his head almost touching the ceiling, and saw that the spirits were already hovering above him, their expressions as empty as the blindly lit room. He looked at them, his face transformed into an exact mirror of theirs and, having long run out of tears and bargains, he nodded. Almost instantly the spirits gathered around him and they started: Some yelling, some whispering. He could feel his skin wrinkling already.

The Burglar at the Cattum’s Manor


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