Inspired by Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed

To Veronica there is nothing better
than to dress up all in leather
nothing excites her more than the screams
the screams of her submissive victims
she does all day, never fails a day
she knows how to please her women

Emily, on the other hand
does with a woman what she should be doing with a man
she has a big collection of toys
she makes the others squirm with joy
but Emily's main specialty
is that she even does menage-a-troix

To Britney the best thing in the world
is doing on the sofa with her favourite girl
she kicks up her legs, high with ecstasy
her moans louder than you can imagine
she is free, she is wild
she is capable of committing any sin

Francesca, however, is an angel
she does it slow, from all angles
but because the excitement makes her all giddy
she finishes quickly
and not even bothering to clean
she pushes her tongue down her lady!

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