(Strutting) Sally

Inspired by Walk on the Wild Side, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Like a Rolling Stone and the film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Sally was once a rich bitch

to a world not a single lift

had a bedroom the size of Texas

on-stage sweet, off-stage curses

for a cone she would cause a storm

she would lift her skirt

wear low cuts

and around the town the bitch would strut

Icy demeanor, haughty soul

but that was all long ago

now she’s forced to limp in the very streets

she once swore she would destroy it

Live with the lowly vagabonds

the ones she used to spit upon

Sally’s days are humiliating

what were once pretty frocks

are now ragged old clothes

for the whole world to see

her once high and mighty cheeks

have hollowed skinny and weak

her arms and legs, once perfectly tuned

are now filled with bruises

but when day becomes night

Sally finds it hard to find

from the monsters who use her

one at the back, one in front

all wait their turn

sometimes two, sometimes three

sometimes just one

Sally was once a rich bitch

but the glitter has faded away

the crown is lost

she has lost her way

and is now the world’s pawn


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