Rumblings of the ancient mind!

To be able to flow with a mighty force
But still be as calm as the sea
No stone or brick can ever break my bones
No pain can bring me to my knees
I shall be the power in the air
The force in the peace
The light of the day, the life of the night
The helpful whisper, the stranger’s smile

To be able to bring the hand of the wise
To be able to redden the roses, brighten the skies
Purify the land, and diminish the cries
To be able to open eyes, bring words to the tongue
To bring sounds to the ear, every note that is sung

The hollow, the faithless cannot fog my path
For my path is always lit by the one who is in my heart
The tail of the wicked may hide in shadows
But the tail’s wickedness always shows
Don’t be fooled, don’t be fooled
For the brave, the bold always walks with a true sword


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