Due to the imperfections in the fluids in my eyes, various brown stripes dance before me. They go where my eye goes. They dance relentlessly and unforgivably, with me being the only audience. A reluctant, and quite-possibly, a doomed one.

I’m talking about a phenomenon that occurs when the vitrous humour inside the eyes get filled with Floaters. They’re known by many names but I call them “flying bacteria” because they resemble like one. Harmless they may be, these devilish Floaters can be mischievous at times. Here you are, minding your own business and suddenly something whizzes by by the corner of your eye at close proximity. Your heart jumps to your throat and just when you’re convinced it could’ve been a ghost, an innocent Floater floats into view, settling your heart back to its original place but incuring your wrath.

Who needs horror movies when you have these?

When someone tells you to look up at the clear blue sky, it’s quite-clear that they’re not “suffering” from said phenomenon because when you look up, all you see are disturbing, misshapen “birds” against a clear blue backdrop.

But having them is not wholly bad.

People with an imagination like Amelie can make use of them on a dull, boring Sunday, and how? All you need is a clear background and a-lot of absurd creativity. Remember, you’re playing with your sanity! Well, almost! It could be, let’s say, a War of the Brown Ribbons. Or a re-creation of Star Wars with, of course, Darth Vader as an elongated ribbon, with the rest of the Rebellion Clan reduced to the same level.

Of course, I know it’s not as fun as spotting weird clouds or imaging yourself as a respected and admired rock-star but Floaters don’t go away that easily and how should one go about tackling them? By either using them for weird entertainment (Remember: They may be on your stage but you control them) or having them cured. But what’s the fun in that? It’s these little imperfections that makes Life different, and unique, and weird, and, annoying they may be to some, are just some of the things that are missed by a majority.

In conclusion: Floaters are like relatives: They never leave you, not even while you’re sleeping… and that’s about the extend of it! Sorry to have finished it in such a bittersweet way!


What do you see? I see an S and a musical note.

To read more: go here!



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