Toy Story

Director: John Lasseter

Stars out of 10: 9.4

Toy Story

The arrival of Toy Story announced two things: That Pixar is the new creative kid in town and that it is putting Disney out of business. Seriously, has Disney, before it took over Pixar, ever produced a great cartoon after 1999’s Tarzan? One-or-two maybe but not to the level of their previous classics. Now, the 90’s was a cool decade and I’m glad I’m one of those 90’s kids because I grew up with the franchise. Instead of tackling dragons, monsters, anthropomorphic animals or flying elephants, the team of Pixar tackled the life of toys and bought forward some of the greatest cartoon characters in the history of cartoons. The animation is mind-blowing still but the 90’s kids will know exactly how it felt watching it for the first time, as if Toy Story was the very-first cartoon ever produced. It still to this day remains a perennial classic and, apart from Tom & Jerry and Disney’s earliest classics, can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

I like the sharp, witty writing and cynical, sarcastic characteristics of Hamm and Mr. Potato Head, the latter, in my opinion, the break-through character of the first film. The pop-culture references and quirky personalities also did the trick, making the toys more believable and near-human. I don’t know why but I’ve always found the humans in Pixar productions to be very weirdly shaped, either big jaws or high-foreheads or big eyes or small head and big body and I don’t even know why I’m complaining. Anyway, the human characters Sid and Andy get 10/10 stars from me because of their realism. I should know because I was both of them when I was young and now that I’ve grown up, have witnessed it numerous times while watching my sisters and cousins. Not only they associated themselves with Andy but their imaginations grew and became more protective of their toys, so that’s a good thing, right?

The scene where Buzz finds out that he is a toy and Woody was right all along is just heart-breaking and even though Pixar has created more touching moments, this one will always be in the top 3.

In all, if you still haven’t seen this and if you’re planning on watching a feel-good cartoon with your kids, Toy Story should be up your alley!





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