Death Gave Me Another Day!

Even though the category says Short Poems, I will add poems of all lengths, if possible. This is my first attempt at serious poetry and you not laughing and giving feedback would be appreciated.

This is Part One! the second is on the way!

The sudden arrival of chilliness in the air

Told me Death was finally here

He was exactly how they had described

Tall and endless

And in his hand, a scythe

Trembling like a child wet out in the cold

I asked, “Can you give me more time?”

“No”, was all he replied

And offered me his left hand, the scythe in the other

“It is time”, he said, “for me to take you to the hereafter”

The words, emotionless

The voice, emotionless

Death himself, emotionless

Tentatively, I reached out but, almost instantly, withdrew

I whispered, “Death, spare me today, give me one more day to live”

Almost instantly Death spoke, “You’re but one of the many. I can offer you a deal. One more day would mean serving me for eternity. The decision is now yours to make”

Like a razor-blade, the words hung

Death stood motionless

And after what seemed like ages

I nodded, I had made my decision

Death said, “It is done”

“Tomorrow at dawn I shall come”

“Be ready, be prepared”

“And beware, not a whisper to anyone the conversation we have shared”

With this, Death took his leave

Taking the chill with him

To my knees I fell

“Oh God! What have I done. What do I do?”


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