X-Men III: The Last Stand

Director: Brett Ratner

Stars out of 10: 6.0

X-Men: The Last Stand

The Last Stand is everything the first two weren’t and since this made it a trilogy, is the complete opposite of the Spider-Man trilogy. The reason for mentioning it is because it was released fairly around the same time and both were, and are, the weakest in the trilogy while their immediate predecessor are the strongest. Despite introducing new characters, Brett Ratner killed off, or cured, almost the same number and it didn’t feel like as if he had introduced new characters at all. The script was quite wooden and flat and not enough screen time was given to major characters.

I mean, there are several flaws: Curing Mystique, killing Prof. X and Cyclops, downsizing the screen-time of Rogue and under-using the talent of Kelsey Grammer as Beast. It was a very promising role and a very interesting new addition but it was, like I said, under-used and not given enough screen-time. Also, the cast for the Brotherhood weren’t strong enough. They would’ve made good extras though. The direction was quite OK but it could’ve done better, as seeing how brilliant the cinematography in X2 was.

The reason why the first two rocked was because of Bryan Singer’s ability to combine and showcase such a large number of characters and give them appropriate screen-time. Every character stayed on-screen as long as he had to and then another appeared. In The Last Stand, we barely get to know the character that he disappears without a word and doesn’t appear for long minutes. So my verdict is: Quite-boring, flat at times but the inclusion of Kelsey Grammer was good!





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