Red Eye

Director: Wes Craven

Stars out of 10: 8.5

Red Eye

The films takes off in a believably scripted manner and, while mid-air, pulls unexpected punches, like as if an armless man suddenly re-grows his limbs and starts punching you senselessly, but it crash lands in such a horrible, terrible, manner that you wish you had stopped the film earlier. Man, the ending is so f*** embarrassing and totally detached from the rest of the film, just like the Know Your Enemy guitar solo. Totally detached, but in the case of the latter, it was actually good!

The opening 15-or-so minute airport scene is one of the best directed and scripted scenes in recent history. I enjoyed it and I thoroughly enjoyed the impeccable chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. If there is but one reason to like them both, it has to be Red Eye. Then we have the plane shots, the majority where the movie is set. Man, the way the camera effortlessly flows throughout impressed me. I’ve heard many people complain about the unrealistic feel but from my experience, that’s just about the most realistic portrayal of the passengers and stewardesses. That’s how they acted all the times I’ve flown in airplanes. Up to the last five minutes of the movie, Wes Craven has his position in check and knows what to show, when to show and what not to show.

Anyway, the supporting “extras”, oh well, cast were just average, badly overshadowed by the main two leads but that’s not the point, the point is WOAH! what the hell happened to Brian Cox here? I mean, he was so wooden and totally detached. Everyone has their ups and downs and his down is this film. Totally so-not-into-it! So there you go, another great film by Wes Craven and although Jackson Rippner is of no match to Craven’s previous icons, I have a feeling the character will somehow end up on many “great villains” list after when they see this film.

OK, so that was all the ups. Let’s talk about the major Setback of Red Eye: the ending! Argue all you want but this film has probably the worst ending of all time. Did I stutter? I mean it. Such a fantastic ride only to ended in such a weak, pity manner that you would want to bang your head on a wall to forget it. If the ending, somehow, seems fitting, then please try to convince me that it really was because I honestly don’t see it. So take my advice: Skip the last 5-7 minutes!

So, in conclusion, a great film, even greater performances, and one of the best “terror-in-the-air” movies!





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