Inside Man

Director: Spike Lee

Stars out of 10: 8.0

Inside Man

Inside Man, directed by Spike Lee is an insanely clever movie and it is one of those open-ended films which encourages you to choose a side and come up with your own theories on who is right and who is wrong. It almost follows the same vein of Rashomon and is like a modern re-telling of Dog Day Afternoon or at least that’s how I saw it. It’s an impressive movie to boot with a great cast and great attention to different ethnics and races and the tension-building is unique. Just like Donnie Brasco is a totally different gangster movie and was very fun to watch, Inside Man is exactly the same. It doesn’t employ the shoot here, shoot there, I don’t care attitude often adopted by a-many bank heist movies. It also has a much deeper story and strikes many allusions to real life, often missed by many.

Anyway, from the cast Clive Owen (the antagonist) really gave a powerful performance and equally matching him is Denzel Washington (the protagonist) in one of his more better roles. The former’s aggressive but calm and dialogue-driven performance and the latter’s professionalism really did the trick. From the supporting, Jodie Foster and Christopher Plummer provided good backbone. So, apart from the above mentioned, all the others were just OK.

In conclusion, probably the best bank heist movie since Dog Day Afternoon and deserves to be seen!





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