Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Director: Sarah Sugarman

Stars out of 10: 4.0

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Here you go, my shortest review ever:

Confessions is a pretty average movie, quite popsy, but the book is times better, as they always are. Believe me, there are several other better high-school movies out there and if you haven’t seen this, you’re not missing much!

Lindsay Lohan was quite-good in her role (yes, I like her, thank you very much) but the main icing on the cake was the utterly irresistible Alison Pill. That’s the only excuse you need to watch the film and, (insert your favourite face-palm image here), Megan Fox (I just don’t see the obsession) was so cardboard that Trey Parker and Matt Stone can make 20 Southpark episodes out of her. Even Eli Marienthal was wooden and he was the worst high-school “heart-throb” ever.

There you go, another movie that solidifies one of the many things I stand for: movies just cannot be better than the book


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