Jurassic Park

Director: Steven Spielberg

Stars out of 10: 7.8/10

Jurassic Park

12 years after first watching it I was surprised to find three things: 1) It still remains a family classic, despite the fact many shielded their eyes during some scenes 2) The animatronics still stands up the test of time and are times better than recent movies and 3) It was a huge disappointment for me. That’s right, when I first saw it when I was 7, I liked it when I saw it again just yesterday, you have no idea how disappointed I was and here’s the reason why:

Sure, the dinosaurs were pretty awesome but that was pretty much it. The characters, especially the main ones, were not fully fleshed out and were unnecessarily put in implausible situations. To put it this way, the characters, and their situations felt akin to a little 9-year-old girl playing with her Barbie dolls. Poor Barbie is in peril and the brave, but unwilling, Ken comes to her rescue, rescuing her from highly impossible places where law does not apply. I guess Spielberg tried to use the same technique. So that is what worried me when I saw this film. Now, despite being one-sided, Sam Neill was pretty decent and so were Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and Richard Attenborough. But the two performances that impressed me were from Ariana Richards as Lex Murphy and Joseph Mazzello as Tim Murphy. First time I’m seeing kids overshadowing adults. Both were excellent.

So, like I said, apart from the dinosaurs shown, and some small dialogues here & there, the film doesn’t have any other strong points and I found it kinda weak. But however, I still got the goosebumps when the team first encounter a dinosaur in the wild. The music, and Laura Dern’s classic expression, bought back a flood of memories!

In conclusion, I like Jurassic Park but I enjoy the sequel more.





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