Jurassic Park II: The Lost World

Director: Steven Spielberg

Stars out of 10:

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

In my review of The Jurassic Park, I ended it by saying

In conclusion, I like Jurassic Park but I enjoy the sequel more.

Well, I take back my words because I found the sequel to be even more boring than the first. First off, none of the scenes involving dinosaurs seemed plausible or the least bit entertaining. I mean the part where two T. Rex’s attack Ian Malcolm and company still remains a total joke and cliche and not the least bit enjoyable and don’t get me started when Ian, Kelly & Sarah get attacked by the two Velociraptors. Not very convincing enough and I could swear the actors were laughing on the inside.

The inclusion of the character, Kelly, was painful and even though I have nothing against the actress, her performance was sub-par and her character wasn’t memorable or anything. Julianne Moore is always interesting to watch but I’m afraid this isn’t one of her better moments. She didn’t connect to her character and therefore, could not connect to the audience, or at least to me. But however, even bad films have redeeming qualities and it goes by the name of Pete Postlethwaite. Director Steven Spielberg called him the greatest actor ever and I can’t help but agree. He was truly classic in his role and the character has now become one of my favourites. True, he never was in my top 10 but this performance is worthy of being noticed. Another redeeming quality is giving Ian Malcolm a central role in this film, as opposed to a supporting in the previous. I liked Jeff Goldblum’s performance and his character remained the best. Further going, I also liked Vince Vaughn in his role but the worst part was that just as I was beginning to like the character, he disappeared!

So, entertainment-wise, this won’t give you much but for some silly, irrational fun, it has plenty to offer. I guess I have to watch the third part now and if I don’t like that either, the franchise is just not for me, sorry!


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