The Walk!

Inspired by City of Blinding Lights by U2

You walk down the red carpet

With your sparkly blue eyes

And a stunning green dress

Everyone asks for your autograph

You casually wave them away with your hand

and continue your journey down the line

White lights flash in your face

They sure leave you in a daze

Don’t trip, or the world will laugh

The paparazzi’s will make sure of that

You reach the end of the line

and flick your hair left and right

which, on a night like this,

resembles a thousand fire-flies

The cameras click and the crowd goes wild

You smile but it doesn’t mean anything

And you inwardly laugh at the less fortunate

The ones who couldn’t reach your place in the game

(short break)

Smoothly, she turns around

The last picture came out blurred

But the queen has left

The queen of her little world


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