Dreaming of the Bright Lights!

A shameless rip-off of Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry!

There was this boy in his late teens

He had no self-esteem

But he had a guitar and a dream

To go up on-stage and be the best there is

But people said he couldn’t play

So he ran away

So he ran away

To a far off place

So he could play and people would say

“This boy sure is great”

“This boy sure is great”

But when he arrived at the bright lights

He found the competition to be very high

But nevertheless, he went up there

Knees shaking, he was very scared

The audience, some cheered, the others booed

When he started, he played some electric blues

But when he finished

the audience, none cheered, they all booed

The poor kid got off the stage

And as quickly as he could

As quickly as he could

Ran back to his village

There was this boy once, who was in his late teens

And he had no self-steem

Oh, he had no self-esteem!


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