Itty Bitty Batty!

A little song from The Joker to the Batman… enjoy!

Jingle Bells
Batman Smells
Come On, Let’s Fight
Let’s Kill the Dark Knight
He Is So Dull
All He Wears Is Black Clothes
Look At Me, I Wear Purple
I Also Crack Jokes
He Has His Rules
His Itty, Bitty Rules
Also, That Voice?
What He Says
Sometimes I Have No Clue
Batman Cannot Kill Me
Cuz He Doesn’t Have The Guts
I Can’t Kill Him
Cuz Without Him There Would Be No Fun
I Don’t Wanna Go Back Ripping Off Mob Dealers
They’re Too Boring
But With Batman Around
Everything Becomes Exciting
He Cannot Kill Me
Because He Won’t Be Batman Anymore
I Cannot Kill Him
Because Then I Would Get Bored
(cue maniacal laughter)
Isn’t It Funny, Isn’t It Ironic?
He Made Me And I Made Him…
Now Listen To Me, People Of Gotham
What I’m Gonna Say Is True
Batman’s Real Name Is Bruce!


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