Camera & Me – Day 1

Of all the titles I could’ve come up with, I went with this one? Anyway, Day 1 is complete and, if conditions are good, then Day 2 will start in just a few hot hours. Hot is right, because in Oman, it’s always hot… well, we do get the occasional rain but other than that, it’s hot 24/7. But mind you, it’s not that hot that your mouth goes parch every few seconds and you melt from your sweat and everything that you seem to touch is blazing. It’s more of a nice sort of a hot.  Something that you will get adjusted to and will start to like it after a few minutes when you get used to it. Anyway, enough chit-chat:

Day 1 wasn’t memorable apart from the fact that almost everyone who passed smiled at me, a father with his two kids agreed to let me take his picture and one guy actually thought I work for a magazine. I’m half-way there already. I’m giving you my Facebook link and should any problems occur, let me know and enjoy!


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