Now that my exams are over…

Man, it’s been a long time. How are you all? Sorry, was busy with exams, O Levels, and such and I’ve just come back from doing my English paper 2. I had to write on why teenagers of the now are too much under pressure and what should we do. Well, I was against this statement because pressure is a subjective word and it depends on what comes in your mind first.

Anyway, I kinda lied in the title: I still have one more to go, IT paper 2, which is day after tomorrow and then I will truly be free!! Since my next exams are after 6 months, I’m gonna celebrate the time off by taking a city-wide, and region-wide, tour of Oman and take photos. That’s right, I’ve recently taken an interest in photography and I’m gonna shoot Oman (snicker) on foot. That’s right again, my parents have given me the green-light and I’m all good to go. I’ve got the equipment, a very stubborn camera and a tiny hat. Will post the pictures here!

Till then, nothing else is new in my life except for the fact that I’ve stopped watching movies for the moment because I’m now focusing more on reading and it’s been a good 3 weeks since I last saw a film. So, that’s it for today and watch this space!!


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