Terminator 2: Judgment Day review!

Directed by: James Cameron

Stars out of 10: 9.7

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2, or a.k.a the most coolest movie ever, is a sequel to The Terminator and much, much better. Granted that it was more family-friendly than it’s predecessor but you cannot deny the beautiful use of (then) mind-blowing CGI and technology. Even the acting performances this time were much better: Linda Hamilton handled her role as Sarah Connor in her crazy, brink-of-insanity state better than her timid state from the first film. Also, Robert Patrick as T-1000, one of the greatest villains ever to hit the screen. He was the perfect foil for Arnie’s big, muscular titular character.

Since I’m a major Cameron fan, I may be writing things from a very strict POV but like I said, this is a major fan talking here. I liked the fact that it was more than just a shoot-em-up, fight-for-survival movie. This one had a more deeper theme on the corruption of man and that destroying is easier than making. Very few action movies actually ever try to convey that message and that’s exactly what makes this one unique.

You see, the trouble with Cameron’s post-Aliens movies is that they’re not neccessarily hated but mostly disliked by many people. Since T2 onwards he has taken on a more less-violent approach and his films are more story driven than ever. All in all, for true Cameron fans, this might be their first or second best from him and for non-true Cameron fans, this might be one of the OK films released. How in the blazing hell can you hate a movie which made Bad to the Bone synonymous with bad-assery?


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