Kick-Ass review!

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn

Stars out of 10: 8.7

Kick-Ass really kicks… not in the ass but in other unexpected places!


Without reading a single review or viewing a trailer, I decided to download Kick-Ass on the basis that it had Chloe Moretz who was 11 years old at the time. I thought this might be a children-oriented movie like Kicking & Screaming or Little Miss Sunshine but I was proven wrong, seriously wrong, just after 5 minutes into the movie. I mean, what the f***!!! I seriously thought this was a kiddie movie but instead gave something else. It was like as if I was expecting a slap but instead got a falcon kick to the gut.

Anyway, on to the movie: Aaron Johnson is probably the latest member in the Geek Pack, a group of actors who gained fame in the 2000’s playing high-school characters in a geeky or nerdy manner or somewhere in-between. He gave a really great performance and is definitely one of the recent actors to keep an eye out for and as for Chloe Moretz, she really won me over with her performance as Hit-Girl, probably the most foul-mouthed child character ever to hit the silver screen. Her pairing with Nicolas Cage was amazing, almost too realistic. The violence is, well, shocking, even for a action flick but you see, none of the others have an 11 year old kid doing most of it. Nor do any other have a 40 year old beating an 11 year old to death. That’s just too much!

Even though I gave a higher rating, I don’t fully agree with what was shown and what was being said onscreen, especially regarding Chloe Moretz’s character. Many have voted against her for using words like “cunts” & “motherfuckers” and I agree with them. I’m also against on the scene(s) where she kills people, not one-two but ten by the dozen. That’s a rather poor showcase for young kids out there and I would recommend not viewing this unless & until you’re of age. Other than that, the film is great and is funny at the right level but for squeamish people, this might not be the film to they want to jump on the sofa with popcorns.

On a further note, I liked the fact that they etched a ‘hidden’ message on why kids should not try to be superheroes in real life because it can have dangerous consequences but as seeing the ending, I think it might have the opposite effect!


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